Support and flexibility at every stage

Automatorr is a one-stop shop - our services are designed to guide our clients through every stage of the automation process.

We’re driven by seeing organizations like yours running at peak efficiency, and know the best way to get there is by tailoring our services to your needs.

With flexibility and agility at the front of mind, we’ll create a framework that meets your organization’s requirements – wherever you are in your automation journey and whatever the challenges.

Exceeding your expectations and alerting you to an endless range of automation opportunities available for your business, our strategies, support and network will give you a genuine competitive edge in the global marketplace.

With Automatorr by your side, your potential for growth is limitless.


At Automatorr, we work with organizations and individuals keen to explore intelligent automation and robotic process automation (RPA).

If you’re not sure where to start, our experts can show you how automation and AI can transform your business by:

  • reviewing your current processes and helping to identify those suitable for automation.
  • assembling teams of internal and external staff, including analysts, architects, and developers.
  • providing expertise in intelligent automation software programs including UiPath, Blue Prism, Microsoft Power Automate, Automation Anywhere, Pega and Robocorp, among others.


If your organization already has its automation processes up and running, we can offer options for ongoing support or a complete outsourcing model.

With a global network of talent, Automatorr can provide resources and the right people with specialist skills to complement your in-house team. Alternatively, we can take over regular maintenance of the entire software robot fleet and the underpinning infrastructure.


If you want to see optimal returns on your investment, it’s crucial your business stays up to date with the latest in automation and RPA technology.

We help organizations transition to the latest RPA technology, delivering an increase in ROI while improving process efficiencies.

Along with our trusted vendors, we’ll work closely with you to:

  • write your automation strategy.
  • bring best-of-breed solutions to your organization.
  • automate business processes from scratch.
  • function as change consultants in your organization.
  • provide people to augment your in-house teams.
  • refine and improve operation of your existing digital workforce.

Contact Automatorr to find out how you can transform your business, improve productivity and increase your returns with automation.

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